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Welfare Cabin Cleaning

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Welfare Canteen Cabin Cleaning

Our canteen cabin cleaning service strives to provide a safe space for site operatives to relax in the knowledge that the space is clean and spotless. With each site visit we ensure that fridges, microwaves, sinks, tables and chairs are sanitised, bins emptied and cleaned, walls cleaned, kitchen cupboards cleaned and floors dust free, mopped and disinfected. Welfare Cabin Cleaning is important for site staff morale and increases productivity, which is why a professional cleaning company is so important for any successful project.

Welfare Office/ Meeting Cabin Cleaning

As per our wider services, we ensure your temporary site office cabins are cleaned and maintained at the highest level. Our welfare service involves cleaning and disinfecting desks, chairs, walls and floors, as well as emptying bins.

Welfare Drying Room Cabin Cleaning

Arguably the most important on-site welfare area, drying rooms provide that all important warmth to operatives working outside in extreme cold and wet conditions. Maintaining this area therefore needs professional cleaners and that is why Welfare Cabin Cleaning Services makes a huge difference – we ensure all radiators, benches, pegs, walls and floors are clean, whilst maintaining a level of organisation through the clearing of clutter.

Welfare Toilet Cabin Cleaning

Having a clean on-site cabin toilets are a must for any project in the endeavour to combat welfare diseases, which is why Welfare Cabin Cleaning Services ensure your toilets are spotless – With every visit we disinfect everything that we possibly can! The toilet seats, pipework, urinal systems, sinks, taps, walls, graffiti, doors and handles, as well as ensuring to empty bins, supply and stock up of consumables.

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