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Kitchen Deep Clean

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Keeping your commercial kitchen and ductwork clean is critical to ensuring your customers receive good food, prepared in a professional kitchen with high hygiene standards.

After first contact We carry out a detailed survey of the duct system and the items in the kitchen, discussing with you various aspects of your kitchen as we know that every job is slightly different and we believe by tailoring our service to your needs we can work together to produce the best results.

Keeping your duct and kitchen clean has a number of benefits as well as it being essential to ensure in the event of a fire your insurance will not be invalid.

  • Clean kitchens promote good work practices by the kitchen staff

  • Customers who can ‘see’ their food being prepared will expect clean and hygienic kitchen

  • A spotless kitchen will give your business a higher ‘scores on the doors’ and hygienic score

  • Regular cleaning of kitchen ducts and fans will increase their life

  • A clean kitchen extract system will improve airflow and keep the kitchen cooler

With all these benefits and a competitive quotation we can help your business stay compliant and your customers and staff happy.

The most important element of your deep clean is to ensure that the extract duct system is cleaned and certificated. The duct system must be cleaned from the canopy right through to the extract point which may be on the outside wall or roof.

Your system will be cleaned by hand and as such we need physical access into the duct itself, some systems may already have access panels fitted which are square panels with fixings which can be removed to allow entry. These panels should be around 2.5m apart to allow our technicians the optimum reach inside the duct, and we are happy and able to source and fit these panels as part of our service.

Once we are given the instruction to carry out the deep clean we will discuss with you the best day and time for this to be done. Our service desk will then schedule your work in our computerised diary system the information of which will then be retained for future anniversary cleans.

The duct, canopy and kitchen (depending on your specification), will be degreased and surfaces cleaned with a food grade safe anti-microbial solution to leave the surfaces not only looking clean but hygienically clean.

We will take before and after photographs which will form part of our report which will follow your clean to show clearly the improvement and work carried out. This report will also form part of your due diligence paperwork and will be supported by a certificate we will issue for your files.

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