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Graffiti Removal

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SFS operates a number of mobile self-contained steam cleaning trailer units which do not need external power or water supplies. As a result these units along with the qualified operators can be at your site removing the graffiti within hours.

Our teams are trained and aware of the importance of not using any chemical preparations where possible (steam and pressure can be applied to most graffiti for effective removal), but where some preparations may be required (more likely with the application of metallic based spray paint), we ensure that all waste generated from this process is contained and disposed of correctly.

If we are working near street telecommunications equipment or other street furniture that may contain electrical equipment it is imperative that our cleaning method adapts to ensure that no water damage occurs to such sensitive equipment. All graffiti will be cleaned from these surfaces by hand and with the correct preparations with all waste generated removed from site.

Stone buildings and sensitive areas are also no problem for our team and we will always consult with you on these type of projects before commencement.

We use carefully vetted chemicals (we supply you with all the COSHH data sheets and risk assessments), and technology along with our trained team of operatives to remove graffiti and protect the surface against future attack.

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