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Anti-Viral Deep Cleaning Service

All offices premises, schools, warehouses and surgeries now have a heightened awareness for the need for sanitised surfaces.

Covid-19 is a threat to any place of work, and it is vital that appropriate measures are in place to minimise the risk of the spreading this and all other viruses.

SFS offers 2 different UK-wide anti-viral sanitisation services. These are particularly popular and relevant to everyone in this Coronavirus era. The first is manual sterilisation, where a team of trained and experienced technicians will manually sanitise your offices, ensuring that as many surfaces as possible are sterilised, with particular attention to the usual touch points such as taps, flushes, handle, desks, chair arm supports, push plates etc.

The second method is our antiviral fogging service where we spray your place of work with a chemical that settles equally around even the non-wipeable surfaces, for that extra level of infection cleaning security.

We always carry out a risk assessment to ensure a safe and effective clean.

We have specialist decontamination teams throughout the country ready to clean to thoroughly clean and decontaminate affected areas to a clinically safe condition, using only the very best anti-microbial, anti-fungicidal cleaning products currently on the market.

We implement best practice and use reputable cleaning products to provide results against COVID-19, MRSA, C.difficile, Listeria and other infections. We have been cleaning for pharmaceutical companies for many years.

Our services include:

  • A fast response decontamination clean

  • Protection against sewage-borne diseases such as leptospirosis, gastroenteritis and hepatitis

  • Experience with MRSA, C.difficile, Listeria, Coronavirus and other infections

  • Effective treatment and disposal of blood and excreta

  • The most reputable and effective cleaning methods and products, including independently-assessed microbiological testing

  • Ongoing infection control management, including clean bill of health certification as part of our guarantee

Attention to detail is our number one priority: when it comes to decontamination and infection control, we understand and work with you to achieve a meticulous clean.

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