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High Level Clean

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High level cleaning is being seen as more and more important in many industrial sectors around the UK. We have found in speaking to our clients that some of the driving forces are that they are striving to reduce wastage from contaminated product, and show that their plant is clean and efficient which will help UK manufacturing keep an edge in the market place.

We take before and after photographs which will form part of our report which will follow your clean to show clearly the improvement and work carried out. This report will also form part of your due diligence paperwork and will be supported by a certificate we will issue for your files.

The Benefits of Using SFS

Our qualified IPAF teams and specialist mobile cleaning equipment can mobilise fast to work in or outside of hours or weekends to get the job done. We also work closely with our supply chain to supply any specialist access equipment, scaffolding or abseiling teams which can be on-site at short notice depending on your requirements.

  • Improve the working environment for staff

  • Create a better impression for VIPs or clients (inside or outside your building)

  • Help prevent product contamination

  • Reduce fire risks

  • Help you maintain the building fabric more easily

  • Extend the life of operating plant and machinery

  • External gutter clearances annually will prevent overruns and internal flooding

Ideally high level cleaning should be working into a PPM plan and carried out on an annual basis to maintain the benefits gained and detailed above.

We are increasing finding that the impression that the outside of a building gives to guests that may never have been there before tells a story to a VIP or potential buyer before they even sit down around the board table.

Dirty or grubby signage, mossy exterior cladding , slippery and dirty pathways, cobwebs over the lights all add up to give a less than favourable impression – we are able to change this.

Our qualified, professional teams can operate day or night to remove dirt and grime (without the use of chemicals), from and surface. We have specialist machinery to clear and clean gutters preventing overruns and internal flooding.

If the external and internal surfaces of your building are clean it has the same effect as getting into a clean car – it just feels better. We can ensure that your client is already impressed with your facility before talking business, conveying that your business is confident, efficient and in the 21st century.

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